Dental bags with a KANGUR pocket

A dental bag with print

Pack and send dentures, crowns, cartridges, bridges or braces in a flexible dental bag with an individual print. For important patient documents, use the document bag on the back of the dental bag (also referred to as the kangaroo bag). Print a dental bag with your company logo.

color - transparent film or colored in mass
thickness - from 40 to 100 μm (single tape)
imprint - flexographic up to 8 colors
notches: handle, euro holes, holes or other under the order
a foil pocket of any size

Sealed closure: string zipper 3 mm

Technological possibilities:
- with string closure:
width: 80 mm - 900 mm (open side of the bag)
height: 100 mm - 670 mm

- with zip closure + foil pocket
width: 80 mm - 900 mm (open side of the bag)
height: 100 mm - 670 mm

APRIT Packaging (company registration)
Al. Jerozolimskie 81/7
02-001 Warsaw, Poland

Phone +48 690 90 30 90

NIP: 554-221-81-23
Regon: 340010156
KRS: 0000000

Work hours:
Monday - Friday from 8.00 - 15.00


Justyna Lewandowska  
+48 509 504 645,


+48 690 90 30 90,

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