Plastic packaging

As part of the development pro-ekological products, we inluded foils with an accelerated decomposition process under the influence of external factors (light, water, oxygen) to the company's offer. The packaging decomposes into simple chemical compounds, which are the fully degradable. This is due to use a special additive for the production material, which immediately after its production start chemical precesses leading to a complete oxodegradation of the product. 

Create your own custom ziplock and reclosable bags with options to print your logo, adjust size and add features. Some features include custom barcode, split compartment, vent holes and the ability to choose up to 8 bag colors. Open end and tamper-evident bags are available too. Get started by filling out the Request A Quote form.

If you need airtight and easy-to-close packaging with a wide range of applications - zipper bags are the best solution possible. In the offer of our company you will find a wide range of zip lock bags, which will meet the expectations of even the most demanding. Our foil bagged purses are:

- made of the highest quality plastics - guaranteeing tightness, resistance to damage and storage of products,
- produced from biomass, thanks to which they are 100% recyclable,
- adapted to storing food products - have PZH (Polish Hygiene Institute) approval confirming their neutrality to food,
- available in numerous sizes and thicknesses - each of our clients can tailor the product to their needs
- produced with an print of the customer

APRIT Packaging (company registration)
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02-001 Warsaw, Poland

Phone +48 690 90 30 90

NIP: 554-221-81-23
Regon: 340010156
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Work hours:
Monday - Friday from 8.00 - 15.00


Justyna Lewandowska  
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+48 690 90 30 90,

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