String pouch

Foil packaging with multiple zip closure. Flat bag with imprint between layered or surface. Packaging produced under the order with the possibility of printing the entire bag. We produce simple sachets for manual or mechanical packaging of loose, granulated, liquid or semi-liquid products. We have pouches with or without a zip closure, as well as an easy-open standard to facilitate the opening of the pouch. The sachets are mainly used as disposable packaging.

The advantages of foil sachets:
- large area of ​​print / 100% packaging /
- flexographic imprint up to 8 colors
- able closing up stringy / open-close /
- easy-open cut, making the packaging easier to open
- use of a wide range of laminates such as: PAP/OPP, PAP/PET/PE, PET/PE, PET/ALU/PE, PETmet/PE, etc.
- wide range of applications

Used string closure: ZIPPER 10 MM

Weld type: two-cornered or three-sided with a width of +/- 5mm

Purpose of bags:
- groceries: salt, spices, herbs, fish food, tea, food or delicacies for animals
- chemicals in granular or loose form,
- underwear or clothing
- cosmetic articles or a cosmetic bag, etc.

Available bag types

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Work hours:
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